Treatment Planning & Accomodation in Turkey

* As soon as you decide to come to Turkey for your medical treatment, a consent form will be sent to you for your medical doctor to fill out, stating that your medical conditions are eligible to travel abroad.

* Once Vascomed medical consultants receive these written statements, he/she will contact one of our selected doctors and/or hospitals in order to arrange medical appointments for your treatment in Turkey.

* You are now assigned to one of Vascomed Medical's consultants who will guide you step by step during your medical treatment process including arrangement of appointments, accommodation, hospital admission and discharge and financial issues. * Your medical consultant will then arrange your doctor's consultation, surgery and medical treatment appointments and will contact to inform you via your preferred contact channel.

* Your medical consultant will help you to arrange your hospital stay, hotel accomodation and flight tickets offering you alternative options.

* If your health condition does not allow you to take a normal flight, you will be picked up at the destination you already stated by air ambulance.

* Your medical travel consultant will also help you to obtain a visa if required and will assist you for all your appointments and treatment process.

* Your medical travel consultant will also assist you wether you arrange your flights to/from or accomodation in Turkey by yourself. Please inform your medical travel consultant about your trip details and itinerary in order to arrange your agenda accordingly.

* Your travel consultant may assist you with services below for your convenience during your stay upon request:

    - Airport transportation to/from – special transportation for medical purposes if required
    - Arranging aftercare, upon request
    - Arranging translation services
    - Arranging tours around Turkey upon request.