Glaucoma - Eye Tension

Personalized GIB follow-up An important step in the field of personalized medicine that could be a hope for patients with unstabilized glaucoma From a clinical point of view, SENSIMED Triggerfish® provides experts with previously unknown clinical data in real-life conditions. During 24 hours, the patient plugs in the system and maintains normal activities including sleep periods. Continuous information allows doctors to provide special treatment for patients with progressive glaucoma. When a medical treatment process is initiated, the repeated use of the device reveals the stages of the patient's clinical condition and allows the treatment to be adjusted according to the needs. Follow-up profiles offered by SENSIMED Triggerfish® will help physicians explain the importance of regular and well-controlled treatment to patients. As a result, this follow-up is an essential tool for improving compliance in glaucoma treatment because patients can observe the effect of treatment on their own clinical condition. How is it working?

SENSIMEDTriggerfish®- advantages for your patients:
* Non-invasive and comfortable
* Continuous follow-up and up to 24 hours
* Use for standing or bed treatment

How is it working?

1) SENSIMED Triggerfish® is a non-invasive device consisting of a disposable contact lens with a soft hydrophilic silicon embedded in a miniaturized telemetric sensor. This product detects changes to the circle in the area of ​​the corneo-scleral intersection that is directly related to GIB changes.
2) An eye-mounted, flexible adhesive antenna receives wirelessly received information from the contact lens wirelessly.
3) The data is transmitted to the portable recorder by means of an interconnect cable connected to the antenna.
4) The portable recorder records the data generated during the follow-up period. At the end of the registration period, the data is transferred from the recorder to the software that was previously installed on the computer via Bluetooth.



You can download documents and user manuals about the product here. For more detailed information on product you can contact our company.